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Girls Education Mission International is honored to be part of the Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee (INC-4) on Plastic Pollution including in the Marine Environment.


The event which took place between 23rd -29th April 2024 at Shaw Center Ottawa, in Canada had the Executive Director Mrs, Keturah Shammah represented GEM International as an ECOSOC Accredited observer.


Girls Education Mission International was selected to make a statement during a webinar on 28th March 2024, hosted by the INC Chair ahead of the INC-4.


Shammah made the presentation during the webinar which was also submitted to the INC secretariat through the dedicated INC-4 dedicated platform.

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The Girls Education Mission International’s Statement at the INC-4 Canada


‘..As an organization, we recognize the significant threat plastic pollution poses to women’s health and the environment. We recommend the efforts of the INC to develop a legally binding instruments to address plastic pollution.




Let me begin with an established fact which affirms that the social and economic posterity of all people relies on a healthy and functionary biosphere plastic pollution and the resulting degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems- and the services they provide which threatens human being and human rights. These impacts are felt disproportionately by socially disadvantaged groups such as women in rural communities and amongst the urban poor who may be uniquely exposed to environmental threats whiles facing limited access to social protection and the resources to build resilience. Additionally, studies suggest that women are the highest consumers of cosmetics and personal care products that often include microplastics and microbeads. It is also believed that gender specific roles and attitudes shape waste management practices of women and men in households and public spaces. Women are the major determinants of household goods and services.


As an organization that advocates for the inclusion of women in decision making on issues affecting them. Girls Education Mission International recommends that the treaty should:


1. Recognize women as important agent of change whose active participation in the environmental protection is necessary.


2. Recognize and address gender patterns along the plastic values chain as effective approach that can lead to make effective and appropriate intervention.


3. Ensure gender mainstreaming from planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Treaty which it is a key to ensure women and men benefit equally from action on plastic and marine pollution including provision for targeting empowerment and incorporating all element of gender mainstreaming in the process.



As an observer for the INC-4 , Girls Education Mission International calls for a strong action to tackle plastic pollution within the Gender sector. We believe that a strong internationally agreement coupled with regional and national policies can significantly reduce plastic waste and protect human beings and human right globally. We stand strong to collaborate with policy makers and stakeholders to achieve this goal.

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