Education serves as a basis for transformation capable of launching girls into the league of empowered women who can lead strong, healthy, and productive lives. We provide integrated package of multi-dimensional education investment designed to build girls knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values such a way as to empower them.

When a child learns, communities’ benefit and lives change. Through the GEM Education programs, we work alongside local communities and partners to facilitate the promotion of girls’ education through:

1.  Awarding scholarships in cash and in kind towards increasing access to Education for children especially girls from low-income families and those facing gender-based discrimination or violence.

2.     Improving the quality of education through professional development for teachers, instructional materials and educational supplies and other support for schools.


3.     Promoting peer life skill mentoring clubs and other initiatives to help develop young women full potentials as leaders.


We facilitate sustainable and innovative interventions that improve access to quality and inclusive education for girls. GEM scholarship programs provide scholarship where girls in need are supported with Tuition and exam fee, text and exercise books, uniforms, bags, socks, shoe, transport fair and other support.

Teachers Training

Girls Education Mission International help contribute to the quality of teacher education through professional development training of Teachers on the key relevant components including: Pedagogy: Curriculum Planning: Child Protection, well-being, and inclusion: Teacher’s role and Wellbeing: Digital Literacy:

Instructional Materials

Girls Education Mission International increase access to teaching and learning materials (TLMs) to schools through donation of instructional materials such Text and workbooks, chalk, whiteboard and other materials related to the needs of the school of intervention.

Life Skills Mentoring

Girls Education Mission International life skill mentoring clubs encourages girls to stay in school and aspire for themselves beyond school.  Our mentors spend time with girls individually or in a group to make sure that they do well in school, are healthy and happy, and are helpful to their families and communities. Our Mentoring programs gives girls the chance to spend time with a trusted adult who accepts them for who they are and also available to answer girls’ questions about issues that they would not be able to ask anyone else, such as health and sex, boyfriends, school, work, and future goals and aspirations.