GEM believes girls can be leaders at home, school and their respective communities.  We we seek to empower girl to pave the way to effective leadership. We train and encourage girls to conduct themselves and perform well and to inspire others to do same.  We encourage girls to lead, inspire and guide others to work together to achieve a common goal,  and are challenged with a vision  to empower girls to build their own leadership skill and utilize these skills to impact their families and communities.

Girls Education Mission International Partners:

 1. Invest in the lives of deserving young women and girls who are willing to change their lives and, influence their families and shaping the future of their

  •      society.
  • 2.  Reinforce our commitment to an enduring partnership.
  • 3.  Help women and girls in reaching their potential.

In partnership with the private sector, government, international and regional bodies, civil society organizations, and well-meaning individuals the brain

behind the design and successful implementation of GEM activities is building a wide spectrum of high-quality opportunities for Young women and

girls empower themselves in all stages of their life endeavors. Already, corporations, Organizations, institutions and  well meaning individuals have

partnered with GEM by offering cash and in-kind support in the form of mentoring, offering access to financing and offering our girls the opportunity

develop skills through job creation. Your resources, networks and skills and expertise can deeply enrich our programs and help towards reaching

our goal.


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