All aspect of Girls Education Mission International’s work is overseen by the impact team working together with the Board of Trustees, of whom volunteer their time and expertise to ensuring more girls are enrolled, retained and complete school.

Meet our Impact Team

Keturah Shammah

Executive Director

Bunmi Ayandeji

Finance & Operations

Otache Emmanuel

Programs M & E

Lydia Ngu

Admin $ Communications

As a graduate of Education and Information and Communications Technology respectively, Mrs. Shammah has a background knowledge in Civil Society management from the YALI Regional Leadership Center West Africa Accra, Ghana and was certified a Non profit leader and Manager by the Lagos Business School. Shammah is a multi global award winning Philantrophist, Humanitarian, Women Role Model, Human Rights Champion, Digital Ambassador, Africa4Her Champion, Ambassador for Peace and Humanity, SheTransformsTech Featured Changemaker among others. In 2015, was was ranked 8% of the overall Nigerian Top Executives in Public Administration by the Nigeria Top Executives and recieved an Excellent Award for that. She was also a recipient of the UK-based STAR Award. Shammah is a certified Intel Master Trainer and also an Alumni for the Google Africa Scholarship Program and Andela Android Learning Community (ALC) for the Mobile App and Web Development. Furthermore, Shammah plays a role of digital mentor and coach to several tech companies. As Executive Director of Girls Education Mission International, Keturah has the role of providing strategic direction and leadership necessary to drive development change and building successes in furtherance of the mission and vision of the organization utilizing her years of expertise and experience spanning across various sectors. With her background experience as an African woman, Shammah is well known for breaking barriers that holds girls back.

Ayandeji Bunmi Bunmi is a professional and experienced accountant, entrepreneur and teacher. She holds a Barchelor degree in Bussiness Education and has a background knowledge in TV Journalism from NTA televsion college Jos. Prior to joining Girls Education Mission International, Ayandeji has worked with Independant National Electoral Commission (INEC) and was a Mathematics and Economics teacher in several Primary and Secondary Schools in Plateau and Gombe States. Ayandeji obtains professional certificates of achievement which includes: Developing an Operating Budget and Girl Child Centred designed from the Philantrophy University and Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls, Fundamentals of Grant Writing and Strategies for Personal Growth and Development from YALI. As a Finance and Operations Officer at Girls Education Mission International, Abigail has a role of overseeing financial and operational health of the organisation and also assisting in management and compliance of operational and financial laws that will facilitate sound operations and Business of GEM in the long term and short term.

Otache, is a tremendous gentle man with a great passion for Women and Children’s Rights, World politics and the foreign exchange market. Before now, John was a UN Volunteer with Girls Education Mission International and an intern with several local and international profit and nonprofit organizations. While a Student of Law from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Otache was the University President of NIFES, President debate and literary Club and President Benue Law Student Association ABU chapter. He participated in different Personal growth, Leadership and Financial Literacy trainings and programs. As a Programs, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Girls Education Mission International, Emmanuel has a role of overseeing programs and events and monitoring and evaluating the organization’s activities relavant to accomplishing the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. John is constantly motivated by the singular idea that nothing is impossible, if only he works hard enough.

Lydia is a professional photographer and talented and promising leader with passion for the development of the girls. She has a certification in TV Journalism from NTA televsion college Jos with background knowledge in Computer Science from ECWA International Institute of Technology. Lydia was trained in Photography at #Franky_Special photography which inspired her to start her photography company known as #Lyzgreat_photography. As Administrative and Communications Officer at Girls Education Girls Education Mission International, Ngu has the role of overseeing the day-to-day office administration and secretarial duties of the organization’s operations and also responsible for building and enhancing the reputation of GEM’s brand while communicating effectively with organization’s target audience.