Girls Education Mission International is govern by a Board of Trustees as the highest policy making body of the organization. The Board is makeup of highly experienced individuals who are competent and committed to their filed. Their vision to help guide and direct our mission and strategic effort to providing girls with opportunity to live a strong, healthy, empowered and productive life. Our Board have overall responsibility for strategic, financial and appropriate management control of GEM. This includes:

i. Making policies and decisions for effective and efficient administration of the GEM.

ii. Ensuring GEM remained focused on its stated mission and objectives.

iii. Safeguarding the organization good name and ethos and legal and financial compliance of GEM.

To ensure smooth operations and multiple impact, our day-to-day operations and running of GEM is guided by the Board to the Executive Director. The Executive Director in collaboration with the Board, strategies and plan processes for smooth operation of staff in the organization.

Our Board of Trustees’ Specific Roles and Responsibilities


Our Trustees manage themselves effectively to ensure both legal compliance, a lack of conflicts and sustain a relevant profile towards the needs of Girls Education Mission International. They are actively committed to their role towards advancing Girls Education Mission International’s interests.

Strategy and Activity Oversight

Our Trustees set the strategy and objectives and ensure that the activities of Girls Education Mission International are consistent with them and remain valid as the context changes. They ensure that the Executive Director is taking the right actions at the right time to achieve the organization objectives.

Financial Oversight

Our Trustees monitor and control GEM income, spending, controls, fund raising, investments etc. The Trustees ensure the GEM is acting within the law and its powers and is making the best use of the resources available to achieve set objective.

Risk Management & Safeguarding

Our Trustees make comprehensive reviews of the organizational risk – physical, legal, financial, reputation of Girls Education Mission International– and take measures to mitigate and address them. Over time, the Trustees monitor the change in risks.