We believe that successfully educating girls means transforming the society. We mobilize and equip girls with knowledge and skills that enable them become, empowered and productive women and leaders in the society. We are focused on unlocking the extra- ordinary many potentials that accrue from educating girls.

We are Girl-centric

Our program is Girl-centered designed. We focus on girls as our target audience. Our mandate is first and foremost to girls. We work to tackle barriers that often make the dreams and vision of girls go unfulfilled. Our programs are designed with, for, from girl’s perspective

Transformative Impact

We focus on disadvantaged girls and young women whom our programs will have a transformative impact. We deliver resilient, highly efficient and ultimate sustainable programs that truly serves the needs of girls and multiplies the impact of donor investment.

Virtue Cycle of Empowerment

We support girls through their development. For us, educating a girl means investing in all aspect of her life. We do not only support girls complete school, we provide them with further trainings and resources to becoming economically independent and productive leaders in their respective communities, helping other girls.

Stakeholder collaboration

We believe that social change cannot succeed with out community engagement. We incorporate our target audience the girls and communities in our program design, planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation