Females as with their male counterparts have dreams and visions.  Unfortunately, the hopes and wishes of girls too often go unfulfilled because they believe those dreams are too big, too difficult to achieve or is masculine oriented.

Our self-confidence has direct impact on whether or not we reach our God-given potential. Often times girls find themselves battling with their own fears, doubts and insecurities, questioning if they have what it takes.

So how does a girl actually become the woman God-designed her to be? How does she embrace a true confidence of her worth?


#IamPossible is a Self-advocacy campaign by Girls Education Mission International which seek to nurture and safeguard possibilities of girls. It is a mentoring initiative to help young people most especially girls, define Success, Joy and Wellbeing in their own terms. It is no longer enough to blame circumstances.  For girls to define Success, Joy, and Well-being in their own terms, they need to develop a healthy self-esteem and confidence in their abilities right from an early age. #IamPossible addresses factors that hinders young women and girls from reaching their potentials.

One of innovative ways of bringing this perspective forward is to help girls change their lives by showing others like them and their routes to success. Through live events and digital conversations, incredible girls share their personal and intimate inspiring stories on how their lives changed having had to overcome immense barriers and how they are serving as role models to other girls in their communities.

#IamPossible provides girls with opportunities and spaces both online offline to exhibit their talents and skills. By so doing, voices and abilities of remarkable girls which too often go unheard and unnoticed, influence public perception and interest for growth and development of girls. #IamPossible accelerate the potential girls seek to fulfill using digital communications to unite and employ girls’ voices and abilities.

We mobilize, train and dispatch resources to Volunteers to reached out to including girls, youth, parents, community, religious, traditional and political leaders advocating for ending discriminatory practices and promoting equal access to education for girls and boys respectively. Girls are engaged, energized, and motivated to see beyond their boarders, value their education, understand their rights and believe in their capacity to make their dreams possible and change their lives, communities and even the world.

The campaign is aimed to reach global audience of million young women and girls ages 10-25.