sanitary pad aid

We distribute free sanitary PAD monthly to meet the need of less privileged girls who misses school because they were on their menstrual period and could not afford sanitary pads. The pads helps girl to manage their menstrual period hygienically with comfort and dignity avoid been absent in school because of the period.

Hygiene and Reproductive Health


As one of our integral components of empowering young girls through health campaigns, we spread knowledge about health and nutrition thereby enabling young girls and women to keep awareness about problem of early marriage, spacing and family norms. GEM also aims to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS through education of girls to raise their awareness about HIV/ AIDS whilst fighting the stigma and discrimination that affects the people living with HIV and AIDS. We organize meet-ups and outreach programs to sensitize the women and girls about HIV/ AIDS, menstrual hygiene management, reproductive health and general hygiene.