Girls Education Mission International

Hello and welcome to the official website of Girls Education Mission International. As the Founder, It’s my lifestyle that I am always thinking about you, wondering who you are what struggles you are facing as a girl or woman. A sour in my mouth as I remember my struggles as a girl and now a wife and mother.   I knew the feeling of being overwhelmed by the threat of extreme poverty on my education. I felt pessimistic after snapping the chaos around me particularly in an African context. I’ve felt the frustration of wasted time and energy because I couldn’t get something at the time I needed it. As I remember, I long to give each of you a kiss and hug of encouragement and whisper “KEEP GOING, IT’S WORTH IT”. But I know from personal experience that my kiss or hug is not what you really need. Whether you realize it or not, like no other time in history, women and girls are looking for real answers to life questions. And so FROM MY HEART TO YOURS, I consider it a great privilege and honor to welcome you with an address here. To the adolescent girls, the future mothers and leaders of our great our nations, adolescence is an exciting 


experience. The world opens up to you and we learn in so many ways.  May I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunities around you! Seek out knowledge, skills and experiences that will enrich your lives and empower you. Make the most of this time in your life. However, childhood also has its challenges. Too often the dream of teeming young girls are compromised by things like teenage pregnancy, forced/ early marriage, drop out syndrome, sexual abuse and especially HIV and AIDS. The skills and information you need to save yourself from these tragedies is available at Girls Education Mission International. It is up to you to make yourself available to take action to change the course of your life and make a difference; thus our motto “To be Willing, Equipped and Available …” Take full advantage of our invaluable integrated packages of resources, material,  knowledge, skills, expertise and services.

EDUCATION is the key. It is the alternative to your empowerment and a foundation to your success.  To enhance awareness and intensify our commitment in mobilizing broad support towards the education of girls focused on nurturing and safeguarding the possibilities of girls like you, we have launched various campaign programs . These campaigns are widely accepted and replicated both locally and internationally. I therefore want to urge you to explore and make use of our innovative campaign programs. Challenge the myths and misconceptions that exist in our society. In the past, most especially in the rural communities, number of girls are non challant to formal education. Consequently, they become contented with the traditional way of living as they do not realize the significant of education for their lives.However, the modern industrial society has begun to affect changes on these old traditional fashion attitudes. Today, education has proven the ability of women in diverse walks of life.  Today we have women who are opportune to access education and can now make informed and responsible decisions and explore avenues and 

opportunities that exist within our countries. Most importantly, take pride in WHO you are. Make effort to make a destiny. Value yourself and respect your body. Make use of this knowledge and work hard to stay informed and skillfully consider them with the power to encourage and strengthened you. After all, there is only one YOU. This is YOU; this is your life, not just for today but for the future. I want to see all of young women and girls living a healthy, strong, empowered and productive life. And know that you will take responsibility for your own life. I have a great faith that we can work together to create gender-violent-free generation starting from our homes, our communities, Africa and the World at large.! One day, it will be your own turn to lead. Some of you will be visionary leaders. It wasn’t an easy job for me to be what I am today; I needed to make the sacrifices to achieve my goals. I needed to be resilience with my education and be contented. Finally, I put what I have learnt into action in order to achieve success. Know that you can do this too. I believe in you. For me, ‘EDUCATION’, ‘it is now or never.   I wish you an empowering experience as you explore our website.  I believe you will leave this site telling yourself, ! I AM POSSIBLE!!!