Since its inception in 2007, Girls Education Mission International and its founder has won prestigious awards. Today, we celebrate the legacy started by the founder whose work has been globally recognized.  Among many awards are:

Nigerian top executive in Public Administration = ‘2015 Excellence Award.

Ø Top rated award = Greatnonprofits = 2015 – 2021
Ø  Top rank, effect nonprofit organization = Globalgiving =2018 – 2021
Ø  Change Ambassador for Peace and Humanity Award; 2016 = Youth Education and Leadership Initiative (YELI).
Ø   International Humanitarian of the year’ 2016, 2017 finalist = Women4Africa UK.
Ø  Star Award’ 2016, 2017 = Lift Effects UK.
Ø  True African Heritage – 2016 TAHA Ambassador

Ø International Achievers Awards -Female Role Model 2016 nominee.
Ø  Outstanding Young Person’ Award 2016 = Privilege Foundation.
Ø  YALI Human Rights Champion 2016 = Young African Leaders Initiative.
Ø  Woman Role Model Nominee= international Achievers Awards 2017.
Ø  YALI Network Africa4Her Champion 2017 = Young African Leaders Initiative.
Ø  Google Africa Scholarship Award 2017, 2018 = Andela Learning Community (ALC).
Ø  Philanthropist of the Year 2018 = Extraordinary African Woman Achievers Awards.
Ø  Digital Ambassador = World Pulse 2019.
Ø  SPEAK Champion 2019 = World Alliance for Citizens Participation (CIVICUS).
Ø  She transforms tech featured changemaker = World Pulse, 2020.
Ø  African Lives Development Award 2021 = Africa Skill Center South Africa
Ø  Outstanding Director for the Contribution in the Field of Education = Global Education Summit and Awards 2021.

Ø Award of Unsurpassed performance 2021= National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

Ø Girl Child Role Model Award 2021= Abadawa Youth Development Forum (AYDF).

 Ø World of Difference Award 2021= The International Alliance for Women (TIAW).

Ø Outstanding Leader Award 2022 = International Leaders and Achievers Awards.

Ø Outstanding women-led start up of the year 2022 = International Leaders and Achievers Awards.