We provide integrated package of multi dimensional education investment designed to build girls knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

Many girls are not in school. Although there have been great gain in bringing girls to classroom, for each girl who has been enrolled, two to three more have dropped-out due to  overwhelming barriers. So, despite dramatic increase in the number of girls enrolled, we are still losing ground because so many more girls continue to drop out of school.  Education serves as a basis for transformation capable of launching girls into the league of empowered women who are able to lead strong, healthy and reproductive lives. Since its creation in 2007, Girls Education Mission International has been providing vulnerable girls with integrated package of multi-dimensional educational investments designed to build girls knowledge, skills, attitudes and Values in such a way as to empower them. This is because girls need a range of competencies to overcome multiple disadvantages and ultimately achieve successful adulthood in a context of persistent discrimination.

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