We help girls involve in some enterprise and vocation as we enhance their knowledge and skill for expenditure and improve their earning capacities.

Our entrepreneurship program focused on building specific skill sets necessary for girls and women to become successful in the business world.  We help help women  and girls to overcome barriers to their effective participation in the economy by providing access to vocational training and other forms of support that enhance the chances to succeed as they start a new business or expand an existing one.  Focusing on women from under-served backgrounds, we take women though the process of learning how to:

  • Generate ideas for business and how the business will meet the goal and help their community.
  • Begin to write and organize a business plan that they can use to clarify their thinking.
  • How to communicate ans market their business with people who can help them access funding opportunities and make their business a success.
  • Explore toolsfor personal and business-related money management.

The objectives is to increase earnings and employment of micro and small enterprises (SMEs) among women who highest investment is for the families.