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Our success stories

‘The strength and Optimism of these girls, despite having to overcome overwhelming odds is what makes us all believers and supporters at Girls Education Mission International’

Keturah Shammah

Meet our Girls and their Success Stories

Itswell was one of the GEM founding girls. She joined GEM when she just started secondary education. With resilience she was able to earn a Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Jos and is been employed at a Private Secondary School where she serves as an English Teacher and a Burser. From her salary earnings, Itswell supports the education of two girls and mentors number of them. “GEM supported my Education and I want to do same to other girls” Itswell said.

As one of the founding GEM girls, Lois decided not to get married earlier as planned for her. She was supported and graduated from the college of Education. She taught as a practical teacher in the same secondary she attended and is now working with a private hospital in her local community. Lois expressed thus; “I am now self-sufficient, and as a monthly earner, I hope to get married soon and manage my family not as an illiterate, but as an educated and empowered woman”

With scholarship form GEM, Dorcas one of the founding GEM girls got enrolled and graduated from the Plateau State Collage of Home economics where she learnt various vocational skills.  She is now an outstanding entrepreneur. She makes and sells marketable products like bags, ear-ring, shoes, knitting-sweaters etc. In her own words, she affirms; “GEM made my education possible. And my education made my empowerment possible. With my earnings from my business, I can now take care of myself, my siblings and my widowed mother”.

Vickey learnt how make pomade at the GEM Vocational training, where she was give a take-off grant after the training. She ventured into the making and selling of pomade with lucrative profits that enable her secured admission into Collage of Education. With limited support from GEM, Vickey made use of her proceeds gain from her business venture to meet her needs while in school. She has now completed her National Certificate in Education course and is  currently working as a class teacher in a private school. ‘ It is amazing how Education has changed my life. I wish all girls in my community have access to education like me” Vickey said.

Joy was among those enjoyed the GEM scholarship to undergo computer training after completing her secondary education. Upon her completion of training, she was employed to manage a computer business center in her community where she works and getting paid monthly. Joy is now wife  and a mother. she remarkably acclaimed; “How I see my empowerment translating positively in my marital home has affirmed the fact that when you educate a girl, you educate a nation. Because of my empowerment, my family is living a better healthy and stronger life compare to my friends who were not opportune to go to school”.

Mrs. Gregoary  was trained on how make tie and dye clothing. Having received a grant for her business venture, he immediately engaged making and selling already made products both on whole-sale and retail market. In making use of the entrepreneurship  knowledge learnt during the training, Gregory expanded her business to include by recruiting other young women and training them as well. She ” I discovered that, one way to aid in breaking the chain of poverty among women is to empower other women who will in turn go to empower others”.