Our mentoring program provide positive role models and strong support structures to young girls with interest to be informed, inspired and motivated. It enhances the awareness of girls on WHO they are, WHY they are, and WHAT they are DESTINED to become. It is an exercise where girls and the role model women, who through hard work and determination have overcome numerous obstacles, interact, discuss and celebrate diversity and Values, honest and open communication in order for exploration of life’s challenges. The aim of the program is that through the support of this senior professional women, this young girls will be inspired and have opportunity to live their God’s-ordained life purpose and dream.One of the ways of bringing these campaigns forward is a strategy that activates girls, schools and communities in a forum that allow girls to listen, learn and share their concerns and dreams with women who have achieved great success. These women share their route to success aiming at nurturing and safeguarding the possibilities of the girls. Sharing “From my Heart to Yours” session, the girls understand, visualize and become empowered to protect their possibilities to acquire an education and reach full potential.

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