GEM International attends Virtual Consultative Presentation of the 2020-2023 Midterm Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper (MTEF/FST)


As part of our public policy advocacy with the Government on gender-responsive budgeting, on 10th July, 2020 Girls Education Mission International attended a Virtual Consultative Forum hosted By the Honorable Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed alongside Prince Clem Agba – minister of State Budget and National Planning and DG budget – Dr. Ben Akabueze. The consultation which was basically a presentation of the 2020-2023 Midterm Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper (MTEF/FST) had the presentation of the Finance minister in the followings areas:
1. The implication of global and domestic development on Nigerian Economy:
2. Update on 2020 Revised Budget which was accented by the President earlier today.
3. Overview of 2020 Fiscal outcome (Jan-May 2020).
4. 2020-2023 underlying assumptions during macroeconomic parameters and targets.

Here are concerns drawn from the MTEF/FSP Paper presented by the Honorable Minister of Finance Hajiya Zainab Ahmad Shamsuma.

1. Real GDP declined from 2.55% in 4th quarter of 2019 to 1.87% in the 1st quarter of 2020.

2. Nigeria real GDP is now projected by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to contract by 42% in 2020 as against the previous projected growth of 2.92%.

3. 2nd & 3rd quarter 2020 GDP growth are projected to be negative, which means that economy will lapse into a second recession in 4 years.

4. Total number of unemployment people increased from 17.6 million in 4th quarter 2017 to 20.9 million 3rd quarter 2018.

5. The above signals a serious challenge on the Nigerian Economy.

Details of the full presentations can be found through this link.…/hmfbnp-mtef-fsp-2021-2023…

But there is hope! Yes! There is hope for the girl child as Girls Education Mission International works hard to making life better for Girls amidst the economic and social danger through a COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

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GEM International Year 2019 in Photos


Thank you for the incredible year 2019!

Happy New Year! Happy start to our Decade of Possibilities. Greetings on behalf of all of us at Girls Education Mission International. What an incredible year we leave behind us! The Year 2019 took us around 16  States in Nigerian including the FCT Abuja and one State in the Sierra Leone.  Together, we mobilized, inspired and  speed up our mission to  have reached out to over 10,000 people. The momentum is huge. There is much more in store for the onward journey of always soaring aspirations and inspiring actions.  Our Decade of Possibilities is in our hands and  we are starting now as we swing into the New year in a good note.


Take a look of the incredible moments that your support made possible in 2019.

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  • 20200118_103646_0000

  • 20200118_103542_0000

  • IMG_20200119_162323

  • 20200118_210555_0000

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Thank you or making our mission Possible in 2019. Lets do more in 2020 to make our Decade of Possibilities Possible.

Girls Education Mission International has been Selected as SPEAK! Champion 2019


Girls Education Mission International has been selected a  2019 SPEAK! Champion by the World Alliance for Citizen Participation – CIVICUS

In a letter of conveyance by Frederic on behalf of the SPEAK! global team, the selection was described as an opportunity for the GEM to lead the SPEAK! Campaign.

Below is the  congratulatory message in part:


On behalf of the SPEAK! Global Team, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a SPEAK! Champion.

The SPEAK! Campaign builds understanding by giving voice to individuals and communities across boundaries and divisions. Building upon last year’s success, we look forward to another global event to address some of the most pressing issues in your community.

We reviewed over 260 applications from 66 countries across the world, and your organisation stood out for the ideas expressed, passion and capacity to make positive change in your community.

The campaign will culminate in 24 hours of Global Action on 20-21 September. You will be working closely with the global team of SPEAK! to help facilitate SPEAK! events in your community ………”

The listing of GEM as a Champion can be found here!

Keturah Shammah emerged the winner of US based “World Pulse Ambassador” for International Women’s Day 2019



There is no honorable way for us at Girls Education Mission International than having our very own Executive Director, Mrs. Keturah Shammah being named a World Pulse Ambassador.

World Pulse is a Safe, Secure and Supportive Place on the Internet for Women.

World Pulse in the Word of Internet, is a Safe Place for women to Talk, Network & Collaborate and Built on Strong Values of Love & Respect.  It is a space where everyone’s Privacy is Truly Respected.

Sharing her experience with World Pulse, Shammah expressed thus; “At World Pulse, I have learnt to tell my Own Story in my Own Words, I have got to Meet Change Leaders from 189 Countries, Found New Partners, and Learn and Taught New Skills to Empower women in my Community and Got Global Visibility for my Work and Leadership.



Keturah further explain that, as a World Pulse Ambassador, she is mandated to Lift up women by creating a safe space and introducing them to World Pulse to grow their voice, connections and impact.

Being well known as passionate about making a difference, and as part of her role as an Ambassador, Shammah calls on women to join World Pulse by visiting the site so as to leverage it benefits for their personal and professional growth.  #LogOnRiseOn

Happy International Women’s Day Celebrations from all of us at Girls Education Mission International

Girls Education Mission International Wins TY Danjuma Foundation 2019 Grant


Yesterday 7th, February 2019 was a historic day at Girls Education Mission International as the Organisation won a grant from the TY Danjuma Foundation for the 2019 Grant cycle. The  Executive Director of Girls Education Mission International, Mrs. Keturah Shammah have earlier before the grantee training was issued with a congratulatory letter by the TY Danjuma Foundation which was read in Part; “Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that following the site visit in December 2018, the Board of the TY Danjuma Foundation has awarded a grant … your organisation in the 2019 Grant Cycle”. Mrs. Shammah  signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Foundation and later on received the Grant Award certificate by the Foundation A.g Executive Director, Gima H. Forj. The Grantees training had also in attendance, the Admin/Finance Officer Ms. Itswell Y. Magyaring as well as the Strategy/ICT officer Mr, Kyuni D. Samuel of Girls Education Mission International.

The Grant which is mainly to implement the “Girls Education Now Or Never” will support the education of  poor orphan girls who are victims of violence in the internally displaced communities of Bassa, Riyom and Barkin Ladi Local Governments of Plateau Nigeria with books, shoes, socks mathset Uniform and sanitary pads.  The aim of this project according to Keturah is to improve enrollment, retention and completion rate of poor orphan girls.

Responding to the grant award, Shammah expressed gratitude to the TY Danjuma Foundation for founding her organisation worthy for the 2019 grant cycle. She said, ” It is a milestone to us as an organisation to have been selected as one of the top 5 of over hundred organisations  to be funded by the Foundation. And because of that, we are committed to do more to ensure that we plant an investment that will last in the lives of our beneficiaries”.