We Provide Integrated Package of Quality Programs and Services

One of the ways of bringing creating impact in the lives of girls and women is a strategy that activates girls, schools and communities through campaign strategies that allow girls to be listened to, learn and experience care and Support.



Guided by the conviction that those those who missed out education as children (girls) often struggle to gain prospects as adults (wives/mothers). The #GirlsEducationNowOrNever initiative seeks to intensify effort to increase awareness and mobilize broad support towards the education of girls. The tittle of the campaign is purposely a hashtag to maximize the vitality of the awareness . Through this campaign, we raise the awareness of the girls, parents, communities and the general public on WHY there is a need to support the education of girls Now.

Guide by the conviction that when girls decides they are Possible that the hopes and dreams  they have are Possible, and they begin to share that with others, they become amazed at the support that opens to them, the resources that aligns  and become surprise of themselves and begin their greatest adventures. The #IamPossible campaign provides a forum where girls hear inspiring stories of women who have achieved great things after reaching a turning point , a pivotal moment when the girls having seen the rout to success of these women like them, declares to them “I AM POSSIBLE”.


Clubs and Meet-ups

Developed for both in-and-out-of school children, the GEM Impact clubs is a weekly meeting of a small number of 5 to 10 girls led by GEM trained peer ( older girls) and/ or adult facilitators (school patrons and community  volunteers). The Meet-Up is  monthly gathering of quite a number of girls from various clubs for further enriching activities . Both the GEM Impact clubs and Meet-ups:

  • Give girls platform to express their opinions, thoughts and concerns and engage the households, schools and communities to advocate on behalf of girls.
  • Enable girls to generate constructive dialogue with mentors regarding sensitive issues around education, HIV/AIDS, Sexuality, Nutrition/Hygiene, Teenage pregnancy, early marriage, and sexual abuse.
  • Build girls understanding of who they are, why they are and what they are destined to become towards enabling them develop their skills and confident to challenge barriers to reach full potentials.
  • Equip volunteer mentors and ambassadors who are role models with skills to improve gender understanding and cooperation, identify and recommend girls for support and also advocate for girls in case of early/forced marriage and school dropout.
  • Build the capacity of girls and their families to improve household income through participation in income generating activities.
  • Support and encourage the engagement of teachers, government officials, religious and traditional leaders, community members and parents in sensitizing around issues of girls education and empowerment and mechanism to break barriers.
  • Facilitate school-wide and inter school event that engages girls in role plays and skill building exercise around girls’ education and empowerment terms.
  • When appropriate give girls the opportunity to participate in joint training with key girls advocate/ actors with schools and communities to strengthened referral and service linkages for further support.
  • Provide girls with some scholarship funds and other donation such as the monthly sanitary pads distribution, school uniform, books, school bag, mathset, school shoes and socks as well as provision.r

GEM Clubs and Meet-up activities are complemented by volunteers with overall goal of reaching highly vulnerable girls and families with high quality of integrated package of support.

For more information on how to take part or start a GEM Club in your School, Organisation or Country.